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Air Wilderness is owned and managed by Lewa Wilderness, one of Kenya’s original Safari Lodges. Flying has always been a part of Lewa Wilderness, from the inception of the lodge in 1972 we have been flying around northern and central Kenya and have exceptional knowledge of the landscape, the wildlife, and the bush airstrips that are scattered across this beautiful country. From our private lodge airstrip, we offer some of the most unique and authentic flying experiences in Kenya!

Our services range from Private Air Charters, Scenic Flights, and Shared Charter Flights between the north of Kenya and Maasai Mara. Our pilots are born and raised in Africa and are passionate about bush flying, the wild, and the magical encounters that happen every day when flying around East Africa!

To support responsible tourism all our flights are carbon offset in partnership with the Chyulu Hills REDD+ CarbonProject


We Fly Carbon Neutral, all our flights, whether shared charter or private charter are carbon offset, giving you peace of mind and reassurance when making the decision to travel by air.

Air Wilderness carbon-neutral status is a direct result of a partnership with the Chyulu Hills REDD+ CarbonProject. REDD+ is one of the most prominent and verified international offset systems created by the United Nations. First formed in 2005, the REDD+ project is aimed at reducing emissions associated with deforestation and at restoring natural habitats.

In collaboration with The Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust, Big Life Foundation, David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Kenya Wildlife Service, Kenya Forest Service, and Conservation International. The goal of the Chyulu Hills REDD+ Carbon Project is to prevent deforestation and forest degradation by active forest protection and providing alternative livelihoods for local communities living in and around the forest area. The beautiful Chyulu Hills, Ernest Hemingways ‘Green Hills of Africa’, is a watershed that provides a critical wildlife corridor in southern Kenya – nestled at the northern foot of Mount Kilimanjaro and rising 4,000ft above the dry savannah plains of Amboseli to the south.





We offer charter flights to any part of Kenya you wish to travel to. We are able to provide you with the most ideal aircraft for the size of your family or group of friends.


From the Lewa Wilderness airstrip we offer a selection of scenic flights in our Cessna 206, Cessna 210 and Waco Bi-plane.


Our shared charter service operated through our sister company “Scenic Wilderness” provides a seat in charter service between Lewa and the world famous Maasai Mara in an Executive Grand Caravan.